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Lost Password

DO read the Important Information below the form before submitting a password reset The vast majority of problems occur with: old email addresses no longer used, incorrect usernames, or the reset email going to Junk or Spam file. If you still require assistance use the contact form link found at the bottom of this page.

Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Important Information

  • Your email will be the same as you registered on the old website.  Use the contact form link to request a change of email.

Not receiving the reset email? First check your Spam or Junk mail file. White list sleeptalksupport(a)gmail.com (change (a) to @) - How to whitelist an email address

  • Your user name has been changed to: full firstname-lastname. Remember you can also login with your email address.

Note: user-name would be susan-lastname, not sue or suzie; and jennifer-lastname, not jen, or jenny. If your legal first name is suzie, and you're user-name is susan, please get in contact.

Use the Contact form

Do you need assistance?  So that the webmaster can track your correspondence, you MUST use this contact form: contact the webmaster / registrar.

Please copy and paste any error message you are receiving. Advise what steps you have taken and where the process is stopping. Use the subject line thoughtfully briefly describe what the problem is. e.g Password reset not working. Not: HELP!!! I can't login.